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Inverse Photoelectron Spectroscopy System - IPES

The OmniVac IPES 2000/3000 System is a highly sensitive surface analysis tool for probing the density of unoccupied electronic states between the Fermi and the Vacuum Level, which is not accessible for PES experiments. The IPES System consists of an UV Bandpass Photon Detector with either a solid state Detector (IPES 2000) or a Geiger-Mueller-Tube (IPES 3000), mounted on a DN40CF UHV flange. The Electron Source is fully UHV compatible and mounts on a DN40CF flange. The thermionic emission of electrons is achieved from an indirectly heated cathode. The Electron Beam is characterized by a High Beam Current in the Low Energy Range and a Small Energy Distribution. Electron Beam energy, beam current and spot size are independently adjustable over wide ranges.


IPES 2000/3000 Detector

Detector Solid State Detector (NaCl) / GM Tube with gas mixing station
Window LiF, CaF2, SrF2
Mounting flange DN 40 CF
Data Acquisition Preamplifier and Pulse Counter with USB interface
Data Processing Software for Signal Counting
Remote Control Electron Gun Energy Control

Kimball, ELG-2 GM Tube (IPES 3000)

ELG-2 Low Energy Electron Gun System

Beam Energy 1 eV - 2 keV
Beam Current 1 nA to 10 μA
Spot Size 0.5 mm to 5 mm at 20 mm working distance
Woorking Distance Range: 5 mm to 100 mm, 20 mm recommended
Filament BaO
Mounting flange DN 40 CF
Power Supply All necessary voltages to drive the Electron Gun
Computer / Remote Control 50 pin D sub and RS‐onnectors

Angle resolved IPES
Ag (polycr.)