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Sample Holder Receiving Station - SHR 100

Together with the OmniVac SH Sample Holder series, the SHR 100 Sample Holder Receiving Station provides easy and versatile access to your samples. The pneumatically driven mechanics establish reliable contact for six electrical connections (e.g. type C thermocouple, heater, 2x Bias or type K thermocouple) as well as for the sapphire sphere equipped cooling finger. The maximum heating or sample current is 15 A. All electrical contacts, heating and cooling can be maintained continuously during sample positioning and rotation, which makes the SHR system unique.
The sample transfer station is completely build up of non-magnetic components and can be mounted either with fixed room coordinates or for position alignment on a rotatable HPM XYZ manipulator.


SHR 100 Sample Holder Receiving Station

  SHR 100 (OmniVac)
Maximal temperature Depending on used sample holder - 900 K with indirect heating through Cu plate
- 1300 K with indirect heating through Mo plate - 1500 K with electron beam or direct heating - Up to 2300 K with electron beam heating and reduced cooling capabilities
Electrical contacts 2 for thermocouple (Chromel/Constantan or Chromel/Alumel) - 2 for resistive heater
- 2 free pins
Cooling Cooling finger with sapphire sphere - LN2 (<100K) or LHe cooling
Sample holder locking mechanic pneumatic