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SHR 40 C - Sample Holder Cooling Station

The SHR 40 C stage is a small size cooling station for flag style sample holders (Omicron/Specs type). Due to it’s compact design it fits to standard 35mm inner diameter CF40 flanges and is therefore particularly suited for many small vacuum chambers.

The SHR 40 C comes with liquid nitrogen cooling. Optimized thermal contact of the sample holder to the LN2 reservoir made from Cu provides fast cooling rates down to temperatures of < 90K. The temperature is monitored by two type K thermocouples, one directly on the stage and a second contacting the sample holder via spring contacts.

The stage is completely build up from non-magnetic materials. Mounted either on our HPM Mini XYZ manipulator or on one of our CF40 Z-retractors with or without tilt the SHR 40 C provides reliable position alignment of your samples.