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OmniVac has profound knowledge and longterm experience in design, construction and setup of multichamber UHV systems meeting the highly elaborated requirements in many fields of modern fundamental science. Particular importance is attached to reliable operation of the whole systems under everyday lobaratory working conditions. This includes

OmniVac aims to provide systems that inspire your experimental work, provide scope or future development, and enable to free your mind for your scientific efforts instead of system maintenance.

UHV-L Linear arrangement for up to three (3 plus park station) UHV-chambers

UHV-SD Radial small distribution chamber for up to five (5) UHV-chambers

UHV-D Radial small distribution chamber for up to eight (8) UHV-chambers

Beamline Endstations OmniVac has long term experience in systems design for beamline endstations. This comprises the c...