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The IS 100 is an extractor type ion source ideally suited for sample cleaning or STM tip cleaning. The low cost source’s sturdy design guarantees stable operating conditions over a long period of time. The Yttrium coated Iridium cathode allows for noble and reactive gas operation.
High emission currents are provided even at low beam energies, with the primary energy range reaching from 0.2 to 5 keV and working pressures in the range of 10-5 - 10-6 mbar (direct gas inlet). Spot size and current density depend on the distance between source and sample, where the overall length of the IS 100 can be chosen to meet the specific requirements of the concerning UHV chamber.


IS 100 Ion Source

Design Extractor type ion source
Primary energy range 0.2 - 5 keV
Total current Typically 15 - 20 μA
Working pressure 10-5 - 10-6 mbar
Spot size (FWHM) > 4 mm (at > 50 mm working distance and 5 kV)
Mounting flange DN 35 CF
Insertion depth variable
Working distance variable
Bakeable up to 250°C

PS-IS 100 Power Supply

Display ion energy
Dimensions (W x H x D) 19’ x 133 mm x 415 mm