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EV 300

The EV 300 Four Pocket Evaporator is designed to allow evaporation of up to three different materials with different evaporation temperatures at the same time. The highly effective water cooling enables thermal separation of the indirectly heated Mo-crucibles. The temperature of each crucible is monitored by an independent type K thermocouple. The EV 300 is mounted on a DN 40CF. Its length is fixed to 250 mm flange to shutter.
An individually designed shutter mask allows for opening and closing of different combinations of crucibles.The PS-REG 120 power supply controls the heating current and temperature of two crucibles in a closed loop system using a PID controller.

EV 300 Four Pocket Evaporator

Heater W-wire (indirect heating)
Thermocouple Type K
Operating range 300 - 1200 K
Max. outgassing temperature 1300 K
Temperature stability better 0.1 K
Mounting flange DN 40 CF
Power consumption max. 300 K
Working distance 100 nm
Crucible materials Al2O3, Graphite, BN, refractory metals
Crucible volume 0.5 cm3

PS-EV 120 Power Supply

Temperature regulation Eurotherm 2416
Interfaces RS 485
Display Filament voltage, filament current, temperature
Dimensions (W x H x D) 19'' x 133 mm x 445 mm