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EBV 100

The OmniVac EBV 100 Electron Beam Evaporator is designed for high precision thin film growth and molecular beam epitaxy. The precisely defined vapor beam allows for a highly uniform deposition on the substrate. The deposition area is determined by the distance between source and sample and the choice of an easily exchangeable exit mask. The PS-EEV 100 power supply is designed to provide highly stable operation conditions, i.e. beam energy and filament current. A ion flux controller allows for an automated deposition using PID regulation.


EBV 100 Electron Beam Evaporator

Temperature range 400 – 2600 K, up to 3600 K using Mo connectors
Electron energy 0 - 1500 eV
Max. emission current 200 mA
Max. power output 300 W
Filament current 1.8 - 2.2 A, max. 2.5 A
Working distance 70 - 75 mm
Spot diameter of evaporated material 0.5 - 2.3 mm
Cooling system Water flow > 0.5 l/min, max. 6 bar
Insertion depth min. 190 mm
Mounting flange DN 40 CF (OD 35 mm)

PS-EBV 100 Power Supply

Beam energy Error < 1 eV, ripple < 0.5 Vpp
Filament current Error 0.1 A, ripple < 0.05 Vpp
Ion flux monitor 10 nA – 100 mA, 8 ranges, 1% accuracy per range
Flux regulation control PID controller
Dimensions (W x H x D) 19’’ x 133 mm x 350 mm
Modes auto (flux controlled), manual (no flux control)

high stability
uniform deposition
up to 3600 K
internal water cooling
flux monitor
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