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EV 100

The OmniVac EV 100 Single Pocket Evaporator is a multi-purpose tool for controlled evaporation of a broad range of materials.
Equipped with thermal shielding as well as a shutter (manual or automatic), the EV 100 can be used either as an effusion or a Knudsen cell. Its overall length is variable, meaning that together with the simple alignment of the evaporator, the requirements of specific chamber designs can be easily met. Temperature is measured through spring-loaded thermocouples.
The PS-EV 100 power supply controls the heating current and temperature in a closed loop system using an Eurotherm 2416 PID controller.


EV 100 Single Pocket Evaporator

Heater Ta-wire (indirect heating)
Thermocouple Type C
Operating range 500 – 1800 K
Max. outgassing temperature 1900 K
Temperature stability +/- 0.1 K
Mounting flanche DN 40 CF
Power consumption max. 300 W
Working distance 100 – 150 mm
Crucible materials Al2O3, Graphite, BN, refractory metals
Crucible volume 6 cm⊃3;

PS-EV 100 Power Supply

Temperature regulation Eurotherm 2416
Interfaces RS 485
Display Filament voltage, filament current, temperature
Dimensions (W x H x D) 19’’ x 133 mm x 445 mm

500 – 1800 K
thermic shielding
different crucible materials
effusion and knudsen cell
easy alignment
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